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1. Nearest; proximate.
2. Anatomy Nearer to a point of reference such as an origin, a point of attachment, or the midline of the body: the proximal end of a bone.

[From Latin proximus, nearest; see proximate.]

prox′i·mal·ly adv.
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The temporal nerve was identified and neurolysis proceeded, starting at the distal position and carefully working proximally along the course of the nerve.
Also in our case the urethral duplication was similar to the Effmann Type I classification, but the localization was more proximally.
3) Therefore, surgeons should strive to achieve as tight a press fit as possible proximally to maximize the probability of bone ingrowth allowing for support of the implant proximal to the taper junction, which is the obvious weak point of the implant.
The arrangement of two tegular apophyses arising proximally from the tegulum in a 6- to 7-o'clock position is characteristic (Figs 1-3).
The males of Microtendipes can be distinguished from all other Chironomini by one or two rows of stout, proximally directed setae on the fore femur.
And if larger states proximally close to sinking nations do in fact decide to assist them--most clearly seen in Australia and its relationship with the smattering of nearby atolls--there is much more to consider.
8 cm wide, proximally cuneate, and broadest in the proximal 1/4 (see Smith, 1990: Fig.
She could barely break gravity on the left lower limb and could fight resistance briefly on the right side; she was weaker distally compared to proximally on both sides.
Bleeding from the rectum or more proximally will present as altered blood mixed with the stool and mandates colonoscopy.
The operator should identify a straight portion of the vessel by panning the probe proximally and observing no change in the relative medio-lateral position of the vessel in the sonogram.
In our case, it showed a stricture 4 cm proximally to the skin opening of the ileal conduit.
Dorsal fin light blue with irregular rows of dark red spots and dots; proximally somewhat fused forming an irregular blotch, medially elongated on fin rays, distally denser and smaller.