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1. Direct or immediate: "The stock market crash in October, 1929 ... is often regarded as ... the major proximate cause of the Great Depression" (Milton Friedman)."The proximate cause of America's deficits is that Washington has dramatically cut the taxes of America's rich" (Eamonn Fingleton).
2. Very near or next, as in space, time, or order. See Synonyms at close.

[Latin proximātus, past participle of proximāre, to come near, from proximus, nearest; see per in Indo-European roots.]

prox′i·mate·ly adv.
prox′i·mate·ness n.
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AARON'S condition holoprosencephaly rare illness where the brain does t form properly, occurring in proximately two births in 10,000.
But from the pie, DOJ committed explicitly to providing restitution to those who were "directly and proximately harmed" by the actions of BNPP (the language is that of presiding District Court Judge Lorna Schofield).
The restaurant will be in close proximately to corporate headquarters to fulfill site visits for the growing list of franchise prospects attending UFood Grill Discovery Days.
Lynne Gargett, secretary of the Save Druridge group, said: "This is a signifi-cant amount of money and will enable us to produce materials that we can hand out at public events to raise awareness of the close proximately of the open cast to the bay itself.
A quick estimate shows that some 20 large slabs, measuring approximately 5'x3', and some 10 small slabs 2'x2' ap proximately have been taken.
Companies are drawn to the island because it is a US jurisdiction, offering competitive tax incentives, proximately to Latin American markets, protection under US law and access to a bilingual and highly educated workforce.
Some Courts have used the standard in which the broker must show he created an amicable atmosphere in which negotiations went forward, or that he generated a chain of circumstances which proximately led to the sale.
Deciding to treat hostile workplace claims and quid pro quo claims similarly, the court held that an employer can be liable for coworker conduct if the employee's co-worker acts to malign the employee for discriminatory reasons with the intent to cause the plaintiffs firing; the co-worker's discriminatory acts proximately caused the employee to be fired; and the employer terminates the employee based on acts by the co-worker it knew (or reasonably should have known) were the product of discriminatory animus.
What the military did early on was place medical professionals down range, as proximately close to the fighting that was safe," Riechers said.
For the All Risks insurers exposed to those claims, the question was whether fires' proximately caused by rioting and looting were excluded because they were "occasioned directly or indirectly by or through or in consequence of.
The Court of Appeal disagreed, reasoning that a jury could reasonably find that Landri acted negligently by becoming intoxicated at the party; that this act was within the scope of his employment; and proximately caused the accident which resulted in Purton's death.
Also, closer proximately to end users increases the performance and response time of these systems.