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adv. Archaic
Of or in the following month.

[Latin proximō (mēnse), in the next (month), from proximō, ablative of proximus, nearest, next; see proximate.]


(esp abbreviated in formal correspondence)in or during the next or coming month: a letter of the seventh proximo. Abbreviation: prox Compare: instant or ultimo
[C19: from Latin: in or on the next, from proximus next]


(ˈprɒk səˌmoʊ)

adv. Archaic.
in, of, or during the next month: on the 10th proximo.
[1850–55; < Latin proximō, abl. of proximus next]
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Adj.1.proximo - in or of the next month after the present; "scheduled for the 6th prox"
future - yet to be or coming; "some future historian will evaluate him"


[ˈprɒksɪməʊ] ADV (Comm) → del mes próximo
before the 7th proximoantes del 7 del mes que viene


adv (Comm) → (des) nächsten Monats
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Verde inclined guide-light changes from 1st proximo to triple flash--green white green--in place of occulting red as heretofore.
To capitalize on American tastes, Proximo developed another 24 flavors for Three Olives and launched a $20-million advertising campaign with Clive Owen in 2013.
Design, manufacture and installation of adhesives for the renewal of the livery of Proximo bus network in the Grenoble area including:
For Proximo Spirits, which was formed in late 2007, the arrival of the Jose Cuervo juggernaut is bound to be a transformational event.
El proximo Oriente se puede interpretar de esta forma como una produccion que exhorta a aceptar la pluralidad cultural que define a la Espana contemporanea, cuya identidad nacional se encuentra en continuo proceso de transformacion y redefinicion a raiz de la interaccion y dialogo con otras culturas y sociedades.
En efecro, tal como mostraron los resultados dcl ultimo trimestre de CBS, al estudio recibe aproximadamente unos USD2O0 mi11ones de Netflix (por USA, Canada y Latinoamerica y estara recibiendo unos estimados USD100 millones de Amazen, ambos en los proximos dos anos.
a) A selecao do proximo--quando o falante corrente seleciona o proximo falante geralmente se dirigindo ao destinatario verbalmente ou pelo olhar;
Now, thanks to the generous support of Manuel Molina and the series Biblioteca del Proximo Oriente Antiguo, the continued publication of future workshops is assured (p.
Populares platos vegetarianos preparados congelados, desde "idilis" y "dosa" y "prata" se van a volver pronto mas visibles en otros paises asiaticos, en Oriente Proximo y en Occidente, como resultado de la ampliacion de operaciones a nivel global de Cavinkare Pvt Ltd, en Chennai, India.
Gollog PROXIMO VOO was launched in 2008 and provides delivery of urgent packages, which can be put on the next available flight and collected within two hours of the flight's arrival at the destination airport.
A microflora adaptada foi mantida em incubadora em temperatura de 298,15 K e agitacao de 200 rpm, ate atingir o pH proximo de 2,0.