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1. Arising from or characterized by prudence.
2. Exercising prudence, good judgment, or common sense.

pru·den′tial·ly adv.
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Liquidity strengthened further as the Bank grew its deposit base whilst prudentially issuing AED 8.
that a case is not prudentially ripe, it means that the case will be
Prudentially, it promises to bridge the need for the United States to succeed in its foreign relations without sacrificing the core federalism principle of limited powers on which the constitutional system rests.
I call on all opposition parties to prudentially protect the public order," Davutoy-lu said in an address to governors in Ankara.
do--morally, prudentially, or (since we are dealing with a game) simply
23) He would admit the hearsay whenever examination of the declarant is "either physically or prudentially impracticable," where the latter includes a "preponderant inconvenience in the shape of delay, vexation, and expense.
It also presupposes prudentially regulated firms, and requires a capital regulatory scheme.
They have to carefully and prudentially weigh their possibilities of response which is the reason why the Israelis never have to cease their relentless attacks of varying intensity.
Students who get straight A's have an ability to prudentially master their passions so they can achieve proficiency across a range of subjects.
Such a standard cannot be prudential, he argues, because it is circular to say that the objective requirement for wellbeing (the prudential value of a life) is that the life be truly prudentially valuable.
We have this (a) Description the Sanction or sepimentum legis [the fence of the law]: Namely the penalty or pain of the violation (b) of it which is punishment either expressed or determined as in some Law's or left undetermin'd to the arbitrium (c) iudicis [judgment of the judge] to infict prudentially under various degrees proportionable to the Circumstances of the Offence or contempt as is (d) in other Laws;
Prudentially, the instrumental benefit of giving to animals has serious limitations.