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The study of political elections.

[Greek psēphos, pebble, ballot (from the ancient Greeks' use of pebbles for voting) + -logy.]

pse′pho·log′i·cal (sē′fə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
pse·phol′o·gist n.


adjWahlforschungs-; psephological studyWahlforschungsstudie f
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But once we have all crossed the box and survived a night of Dimblebys, swingometers and psephological wizardry at least it will be all over.
Whereas psephological studies in the United States have demonstrated that the poor do not vote in significant numbers (presidential-election turnout in Harlem averaged 23 percent before Barack Obama's two candidacies), the opposite is true in India.
Internationally, other recent political successes were similarly contingent on shifting psephological sands.
The size of the lead the Conservatives need for a one-seat majority is the subject of intense psephological debate - but whether it is four, seven or eleven points, the scale of the movement required is clearly evident.
Monckton advised Thatcher on technical issues such as warship hydrodynamics, psephological modeling, embryological research, hydrogeology, public-service investment analysis, public welfare modeling, and epidemiological analysis.