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A segment of DNA that resembles a gene but is not functional and usually not transcribed. Pseudogenes often have functional paralogs in the same organism.
gène silencieux
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Since the pI value of pseudogene from stomach, PsiNS4, also varies between 7.
In many species of Mus, there are two copies of Y chromosome: ZFY1 and ZFY2, resulting from a recent intra-chromosomal gene duplication event, as well as an autosomal copy: ZFa, a pseudogene located on MMU10, resulting from a recent transposition (via RNA) of a processed ZFX transcript (Page et al.
One sample from Carapina had a frame-shift causing single nucleotide deletion (816 bp, excluded from analyses and submitted as a pseudogene to GenBank).
Therefore, ZmCLO1 and ZmCLO2a, like a pseudogene in Arabidopsis (Gierke et al.
Evolutionists have argued that the existence of the nonfunctional GULO pseudogene in primates in the context of functional GULO among other mammals is strong evidence for common ancestry.
Nonetheless, the presence of extensive secondary banding in RFLP profiles and the large amount of sequence length variability detected among cloned 18S sequences suggest the presence of pseudogene diversity at that locus among southern-and central-type 5.
In the method, the internal control of amplification is present which rules out any PCR artifact when rearrangement of NEMO or pseudogene is absent, but this test cannot discriminate between NEMO and psudogene rearrangement.
Pandolfi's group found that RNA from a pseudogene called PTENP1 draws tiny regulatory molecules called microRNAs away from PTEN, a powerful anticancer gene.
Conversion mutations due to recombination of SBDS with SBDSP resulting in unidirectional gene conversion from the pseudogene to SBDS have been shown to be responsible for disease (Figure 2).
Recent independent molecular analysis using the pseudogene [alfa]-1-globin (Meireles et al.
The insight of Hudson, Kreitman and Aguade (1987) was that, under neutrality, the ratio of histone divergence to histone polymorphism should equal the ratio of pseudogene divergence to pseudogene polymorphism and this expectation forms the basis of what has become known, in an unfortunate fit of acronym-enthusiasm, as the HKA test.
Bedford, MA, USA) and by 16S rRNA gene sequencing and porA pseudogene PCR (4).