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1. A false, deceptive, or irregular form.
2. A mineral that has the crystalline form of another mineral rather than the form normally characteristic of its own composition.

pseu′do·mor′phic, pseu′do·mor′phous adj.
pseu′do·mor′phism n.


(Minerals) a mineral that has an uncharacteristic crystalline form as a result of assuming the shape of another mineral that it has replaced
ˌpseudoˈmorphic, ˌpseudoˈmorphous adj
ˌpseudoˈmorphism n


(ˈsu dəˌmɔrf)

1. an irregular or unclassifiable form.
2. a mineral having the outward appearance of another mineral that it has replaced.
pseu`do•mor′phic, pseu`do•mor′phous, adj.
pseu`do•mor′phism, n.
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Shattuckite was discovered in Bisbee, Arizona, USA (Shattuck mine) as a pseudomorph after malachite (Schaller, 1915).
At places the complete transformation of hornblende to chlorite is visible in the form of pseudomorph left after hornblende.
The combination of these two secretions is thought to allow squid to produce ink of various consistencies, ranging from a diffuse cloud to a substantive pseudomorph (Boletsky, 1997; Young and Mangold, 2000; Bush and Robison, 2007).
Jarosite pseudomorph formation from arsenopyrite oxidation using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.
If the interlayer cations with the corresponding portion of silica are successively removed from the pseudomorph by continuing percolation and degradation, differently ordered kaolinite minerals together with illite or expansible 2:1 phyllosilicate crystallize among the newly formed clay minerals.
In fact, tiger's-eye is cited in many textbooks as a classic example of a pseudomorph, says Peter J.
They also have the ability to excrete an ink cloud, called a pseudomorph, which resembles a squid's shape.
Squid possess two options for self-defense: They may eject a large quantity of ink that acts as a smoke screen, or they can choose to darken their color intensely, then release a squid-size, squid-shape pocket of ink called a pseudomorph, blanch, and jet away, leaving a confused predator grasping at a vaporous facsimile.
This cubic morphology of primary jarosite does not necessarily mean a pseudomorph transformation from pyrite, since they have the same crystal habit.
Ink Release is observed in several forms: (a) a cloud (n = 25), either diffuse or of interconnecting ink blobs, (b) a single pseudomorph (n = 9) or two or more consecutive pseudomorphs (n = 2) that hold their shape, (c) a diffuse puff (n = 6), (d) a long slender rope (n = 2), (e) a short, thin string (n = 2), and (f) alternating with defecation (n = 1).
Impersonating the Manuscript: Cross-Dressed Authors and Literary Pseudomorphs" analyzes how Spenser, Gascoigne, and Daniel each "reshaped and introduced a new authorial career by developing a literary pseudomorph that he could supersede" (250), and amply documents that "patterns of authorial emergence .
It takes two basic forms: (a) relatively small puffs either in the form of a pseudomorph that resembles the size and shape of an escaping squid, or more commonly just a general blackened spot; or (b) large and dense clouds of ink.