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1. A false, deceptive, or irregular form.
2. A mineral that has the crystalline form of another mineral rather than the form normally characteristic of its own composition.

pseu′do·mor′phic, pseu′do·mor′phous adj.
pseu′do·mor′phism n.


(Minerals) a mineral that has an uncharacteristic crystalline form as a result of assuming the shape of another mineral that it has replaced
ˌpseudoˈmorphic, ˌpseudoˈmorphous adj
ˌpseudoˈmorphism n


(ˈsu dəˌmɔrf)

1. an irregular or unclassifiable form.
2. a mineral having the outward appearance of another mineral that it has replaced.
pseu`do•mor′phic, pseu`do•mor′phous, adj.
pseu`do•mor′phism, n.
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The subordinate amount of clinopyroxene present in these rocks occurs either as relics within, or totally pseudomorphed by, green amphibole and chlorite.
The first mode of formation involves direct inheritance from the underlying sandstone, whereby primary minerals and volcanic glass fragments have been pseudomorphed (i.
Augite occurs as fresh, pale pinkish-brown, elongate prisms, as uralitized grains, or pseudomorphed by smectite.
Arizona's own copper mine, the New Cornelia open pit at Ajo, produced a quantity of velvety green malachite pseudomorphed after azurite, preserving the perfect monoclinic form of the original blue mineral.
The veins exhibit high-level epithermal-low-sulphidation style mineralization characterized by banded chalcedonic and open-space silica plus pseudomorphed quartz after barite textures.