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1. A false, deceptive, or irregular form.
2. A mineral that has the crystalline form of another mineral rather than the form normally characteristic of its own composition.

pseu′do·mor′phic, pseu′do·mor′phous adj.
pseu′do·mor′phism n.


(Minerals) a mineral that has an uncharacteristic crystalline form as a result of assuming the shape of another mineral that it has replaced
ˌpseudoˈmorphic, ˌpseudoˈmorphous adj
ˌpseudoˈmorphism n


(ˈsu dəˌmɔrf)

1. an irregular or unclassifiable form.
2. a mineral having the outward appearance of another mineral that it has replaced.
pseu`do•mor′phic, pseu`do•mor′phous, adj.
pseu`do•mor′phism, n.
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Evidence for the complete and partial pseudomorphing of the more labile grains (mica and volcanic glass fragments) by smectite can be seen in the mid-left and mid-upper fight regions of Fig.
Several examples of goethite pseudomorphing other species are known.
shells pseudomorphing mercury droplets) and oxy-chlorides such as eglestonite and terlinguaite, which appear to be derived by oxidation of mercury and reaction with [OH.