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A fictitious name, especially a pen name.

[French pseudonyme, from Greek pseudōnumon, neuter of pseudōnumos, falsely named : pseudēs, false; see pseudo- + onuma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

pseu′do·nym′i·ty n.
pseu·don′y·mous (so͞o-dŏn′ə-məs) adj.
pseu·don′y·mous·ly adv.


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) having or using a false or assumed name
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) writing or having been written under a pseudonym
pseuˈdonymously adv


(suˈdɒn ə məs)

1. bearing a false or fictitious name.
2. writing or written under a fictitious name.
[1700–10; < Greek pseudṓnymos; see pseudonym, -ous]
pseu•don′y•mous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.pseudonymous - bearing or identified by an assumed (often pen) name; "the writings of Mark Twain are pseudonymous"
onymous - bearing a name; "articles in magazines are usually onymous"


Being fictitious and not real, as a name:


[sjuːˈdɒnɪməs] ADJseudónimo
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Kohler then supports her own elaboration of understanding language and culture In languages teaching and learning to teachers' understandings of these ideas, In Chapter 2, in case studies of her three teachers, pseudonymously Collette, Kelly and Maria.
But this changed in 2008, when a pseudonymously published nine-page paper laid out the first workable design of a payment system technology that eliminates the need for trusted third-party intermediation: Bitcoin.
This was the same pseudonym previously adopted by Virginia judge (and fierce Marshall Court critic) Spencer Roane in the set of critical newspaper commentaries that led Chief Justice John Marshall himself to take to the newspapers and respond pseudonymously.
Data were collected pseudonymously and stored on a secured server.
BBA said that much of the currency's dangers lay in the way it could be used pseudonymously.
Indeed, the first edition of The Araignment was published pseudonymously.
Artistically, we are incurably unpunctual,' wrote Evelyn Waugh, and although he wrote it pseudonymously, as part of a surrealist hoax on the credulous London art press, it might serve as a fair summary of the prevailing view.
Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, writing pseudonymously as
On the first topic of "Authorship," he notes Kierkegaard's early decision to write with his "left hand," that is, pseudonymously, and with the right, under his own name.
Popular rather than canonical, with many authors appearing anonymously or pseudonymously, these poems require us to shift our scholarly attention from authors to readers, and from aesthetic/poetic intentions to material effects.
Having a clear ruling that they need not file evidence of the impact of the harassment on their own emotional, mental, and physical well-being in order to seek disclosure of subscriber information pseudonymously cannot be lightly dismissed.
But Cascio has developed a system allowing users to log into websites pseudonymously using Bitcoin addresses.