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n. pl. pseu·do·preg·nan·cies
2. A condition resembling pregnancy that occurs in some mammals, marked by persistence of the corpus luteum and usually following infertile copulation.

pseu′do·preg′nant adj.


(Biology) relating to the state of pseudopregnancy
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Prostaglandin F2alpha-induced nest-building in pseudopregnant pigs.
A comparative study of the reproductive effects of methadone and benzo(a)pyrene in the pregnant and pseudopregnant rat.
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Even if myomas from nonpregnant women have pseudopregnant patterns of gene activity, it seems that the impact on cytoplasmic development is blunted in the absence of an overall pregnant-type host milieu.
Cell lines that take up and express the altered gene are injected into mouse blastocysts, which in turn are implanted into pseudopregnant mice.
Thrombocytopenia occurs within 3 h after transfer of fertilized ova to pseudopregnant recipients and the reduction in platelets is positively correlated (r = 0.