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An acute infectious disease of domestic and wild animals, caused by a herpesvirus spread by contact with pigs, characterized by inflammation of the central nervous system and the respiratory system, and frequently progressing to paralysis and death. Also called Aujeszky's disease.
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Complete, annotated sequence of the pseudorabies virus genome.
In the lysis buffer, pseudorabies viruses (PRV) at a concentration of 1.
And because they can carry diseases such as hog cholera, pseudorabies and brucellosis, the porkers can pose a health threat to domestic swine.
1996) who used a Mexican variety named Opuntia streptacantha and declared that it is antiviral against equine herpes, herpes simplex, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus and pseudorabies virus.
multocida by porcine alveolar macrophages after infection with pseudorabies virus.
Increased prevalence of Brucella suis and pseudorabies virus antibodies in adults of an isolated feral swine population in coastal South Carolina.
A provision has also been made to allow for importation of live swine from some US states despite the presence of Pseudorabies in others.
A small number of exacting studies have used pseudorabies virus, a transneuronal retrograde tracer that crosses functional synapses [32], to specify the multisynaptic relays in the central nervous system that participate directly in regulating the heart.
Your livelihood and way of living, your very place on this earth, are in doubt every minute, every day, and generations have grown up with the unspoken understanding that even when you do everything right, everything exactly as you were told, things can still go wrong--too dry and com can be lost to drought, too wet and soybeans succumb to downy mildew; sudden blizzards can literally snow cattle under, but muggy weather can spread pseudorabies through hogs.
pork industry had a positive and successful experience with the mandatory pseudorabies eradication program.
Pseudorabies (soo-do-ra-bez A viral disease that can affect pigs of any age.