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An acute infectious disease of domestic and wild animals, caused by a herpesvirus spread by contact with pigs, characterized by inflammation of the central nervous system and the respiratory system, and frequently progressing to paralysis and death. Also called Aujeszky's disease.
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Complete, annotated sequence of the pseudorabies virus genome.
Pseudorabies virus infection of the rat central nervous system: ultrastructural characterization of viral replication, transport, and pathogenesis.
The pseudorabies program was not only mandatory, it worked," noted Appell.
In order to examine the clearance of potential and unexpected viral contaminants, a panel of four model viruses rep resenting enveloped and nonenveloped viruses and a broad range of physical and chemical characteristics were selected: bovine parvovirus (BPV), xenotropic mucine leukemia virus ()(MuLV), pseudorabies virus (PRV), and bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) (Table 1).
Pseudorabies is a highly contagious livestock disease, most prevalent in pigs.
Coinciding with TSI's southerly move from Massachusetts to Arkansas for (among other things) genetic engineering on pigs, the nation's hog industry is moving south for better growing conditions and also to avoid a serious disease called pseudorabies.
The vaccine, designed to protect swine against pseudorabies, a viral disease that can kill pigs, has been the subject of controversy for nearly a year.
4 Research Progress in Pseudorabies Gene-deleted Vaccine
These piglets were shown by serologic analysis to be negative for antibodies against PEDV, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus, and pseudorabies virus.
Market for Testing by Disease (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy, BVD, Ruminant Brucellosis, Avian Influenza, Classical Swine Fever, Pseudorabies / Aujeszky's, Other Diseases)
pork industry in 1988 established its own a swine ID system, which helped eradicate pseudorabies from the commercial herd.
Injection of a retrograde tracer, the pseudorabies virus, was conducted and the brain was investigated to determine the projection neurons.