psychagogics, psychagogy

a method of affecting behavior by assisting in the choice of desirable life goals. — psychagogue, n.
See also: Behavior
the guiding of a soul, especially that of a person recently dead into the lower world. — psychagogue, n. — psychagogic, adj.
See also: Soul
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Coming back to pragmatic concerns in the third section, essays hone in on Plutarch's systematic moral psychagogy in the Moralia and Parallel Lives.
In exploring how Augustine adapted classical psychagogy ("cure of souls," a subset of ancient rhetoric focused on guiding hearers to apprehend wisdom for themselves [9, 201]), K.
s reading, Augustine counters the elite nature of classical psychagogy by preaching to the masses, inviting them into a shared "exegetical exercise in Christian liturgy" (12) and encouraging them to reflect on how the Scriptures reveal to hearers their need for healing (182).