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 (sī′kĭ-dē′lē-ə, -dēl′yə)
The subculture associated with psychedelic drugs.


(ˌsaɪkəˈdɛlɪə; -ˈdiːlɪə) or


(Art Terms) (functioning as singular or plural) psychedelic objects, dress, music, etc


(ˌsaɪ kɪˈdil yə, -ˈdɛl yə)

the realm of psychedelic drugs, artifacts, art, writings, or the like.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.psychedelia - the subculture of users of psychedelic drugs
subculture - a social group within a national culture that has distinctive patterns of behavior and beliefs
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LIVERPOOL International Festival of Psychedelia is, according to its organisers, "a pancontinental celebration of audio-futurists, operating at the bleeding edge of today's psychedelic renaissance.
Reminiscent of rising retro rockers Temples they have developed a sound which takes a large slice of authentic psychedelia but imprint their own individual stamp on it.
British psychedelia, in all its manifest forms, has never been so widely embraced with a slew of incredible bands such as Hookworms, Temples, Cheatahs, Sulk, Loom and Toy forging their own lysergic agenda.
Sea Pinks Magpie Eyes M i E The best of the 60s' psychedelia with 80s' indie-pop mashed together by an instantly likeable Belfast four-piece.
Hailed by NME magazine as "British psychedelia with a kaleidoscope vision that rivals even The Beatles", the band enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic.
Featuring Ryan Michalski on vocals, coupled with Juan Gonzalez, they make up Cosmic Punch, quintessential psychedelia rock music for the modern era.
To the casual listener sometimes, the dueling guitars of songs such as "Blowin' Free" meander on a journey along the fault line of rock, blues and psychedelia as though it were the most natural musical place to dally.
The band - Matt Pelham (vocals/guitars), Roger Dabbs (bass), Mark Bond (keyboards), and Rollum Haas (drums) - offer an intriguing blend of indie, psychedelia, AOR and Krautrock, - which will be on show at Birmingham Ballroom on September 15.
Fusing electro, dub, rock, psychedelia and soul they create a sound spacious and otherworldly.
Inspired at the passing of friends, he's now contes mplating our place in the cosmos and his look at the grand scheme of things comes with a sonic assault on the senses that draws in elements of space rock and psychedelia.
For every Britpop friend - By the Waters and When Your Garden's Overgrown - Weller mixes it up with dub reggae in Study in Blue and smatterings of Krautrock and psychedelia.