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Noun1.psychic phenomena - phenomena that appear to contradict physical laws and suggest the possibility of causation by mental processes
clairvoyance, E.S.P., ESP, extrasensory perception, second sight - apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses
psychokinesis, telekinesis - the power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force
spirit rapping, table rapping, table tapping - alleged form of communication with spirits of the dead
table lifting, table tilting, table tipping, table turning - manipulation of a table during a seance; attributed to spirits
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Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know provides a compelling account of cutting-edge research in brain science, physics, and how they apply to psychic intuition's feature and possibilities, bridging the gap between skeptics who can scientifically consider psychic phenomena and believers who lack the science to analyze it.
Unruly Spirits: The Science of Psychic Phenomena in Modern France, by M.
Personally, I've always been more into psychic phenomena and, without being too hippy-dippy about it, usually take note of the significant events that occur in my life and see if they correlate with other things further down the line," adds the 40-year-old.
Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality" is a discussion of the metaphysical and magical in all of us, and how to use the power we have in this avenue to its fullest.
Unruly spirits; the science of psychic phenomena in modern France.
As one of the UK testers for The James Randi Paranormal Challenge, Prof Wiseman has spent years debunking psychic phenomena.
Gary Collins played Professor Michael Rhodes who, assisted by Nancy Murphy (Catherine Ferrar), investigated cases involving ESP and psychic phenomena.
This means that volition, like all psychic phenomena, is a secondary product of the brain's functioning.
Dr Dean Radin, a leading expert in psychic phenomena, reckons an ability to sense what will happen in the future can also influence the choices we make.
From alien abduction to possessions and spontaneous combustion, THE ORIGINS OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA explores the unconscious mind's ability to externalize itself, processing real-world experiences and producing in turn often frightening manifestations.
You Will Live Forever Since We're All Parts of God" is an overview of reincarnation, an instructive and convincing commentary that includes a discussion of comparative religion and psychic phenomena.
Psychic teacher of 12 years Yvonne Bailey will be running courses covering all aspects of psychic phenomena and spirituality, including mind power development, dream analysis and how to create good luck.