psychoanalytic process

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Noun1.psychoanalytic process - a process that is assumed to occur in psychoanalytic theory
defence, defence mechanism, defence reaction, defense mechanism, defense reaction, defense - (psychiatry) an unconscious process that tries to reduce the anxiety associated with instinctive desires
human process - a process in which human beings are involved
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Freud believed that knowing too much about the analyst interfered with the patient's use of the analyst as a transference object and impeded the psychoanalytic process (Freud, 1913).
Understanding the Freudian unconscious as central to the psychoanalytic process of listening, understanding and responding, the purpose of the work is to reintroduce the analyst as a modern day visionary shaman, offering transmutation and healing more in the realm of the magical than the scientific.
Federico II, Naples, Italy) treat the debate between Freudians and followers of Ferenczi on the issues surrounding the 'natural end' of the psychoanalytic process raised by Freud in Analysis Terminable and Interminable (1937).
By explicitly bringing this "splitting" (which has its source in the self-criticism of the avant-garde as an institution) to bear on the psychoanalytic process of transference, in which unconscious desires are projected onto an object in the framework of a specific relationship, Fraser has once more made clear that it is the institutional framework itself that makes possible both analysis and critique--yet by the same token represents the greatest resistance to them.
Noir Anxiety provides a challenging read of noir films and an introduction to a certain kind of psychoanalytic process.
As mentioned, the psychoanalytic process within this model implies a space for thinking about what thinking is, and, for someone who has become afraid of mental contents, this can be a very painful task.
Brandell provides a needed chapter on evidence-based practice, citing psychoanalytic process and outcome studies.
Feminist theorists of visual culture have advanced our understanding of identification as more than a psychoanalytic process divorced from anything outside of the individual's self-development.

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