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Language characterized by the often inaccurate use of jargon from psychiatry and psychotherapy: "Discussions ... sometimes ... consist of consciousness-raising psychobabble, with the students' feelings and experiences valued as much as anything the professor or texts have to offer" (Karen Lehrman).

[Coined by Richard Dean Rosen (born 1949), American writer.]

psy′cho·bab′bler n.


(Psychology) informal the jargon of psychology, esp as used and popularized in various types of psychotherapy


(ˈsaɪ koʊˌbæb əl)

writing or talk using jargon from psychiatry or psychotherapy without particular accuracy or relevance.
[popularized by a book of the same title (1977) by U.S. journalist Richard Dutch. Rosen (b. 1949)]
psy′cho•bab`bler, n.


obfuscating language and jargon as used by psychologists, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists, characterized by recondite phrases and arcane names for common conditions.
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Noun1.psychobabble - using language loaded with psychological terminology
jargon - specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject


[ˈsaɪkəʊˌbæbl] Nverborrea f, jerga f de psicólogos


n (inf)Psychogeschwätz nt
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You give me that psychobabble and try to be my friend.
At this point you realise that Alexander spends most of his time on the planet psychobabble, near California.
None of the characters feel real, and even though they're all superficially different in a one-note sort of way, the psychobabble that comes out of their mouths seems all of one piece.
In the middle of all this mostly persuasive, sometimes too-articulate-for-the-situation psychobabble, two of the participants make love.
Psychobabble at the Gilded Balloon until August 30.
Sadly, James has been using the same thirdrate psychobabble to excuse his short-comings for as long as I can remember.
students; fads and psychobabble reign while Americans fall behind,'' Opinions, Feb.
This ballot paper revolution has lain dormant through decades of ill-reasoned psychobabble from overpaid academics.
Using humor and metaphor, "The Quickening" cuts through the spiritual jargon and psychobabble, offering direct and pragmatic ways to turbo-charge your spiritual awareness and take your spiritual journey to a new level
To teach children instead (as Dyer advocates) to regard our "complexion'' as a crucial part of our "identities'' is sheer psychobabble, having the effect of promoting factionalism rather than togetherness.
It is a crass, appallingly written Orwellian exercise in clumsy management psychobabble which owes more to Winston Smith and the Newspeak of 1984 than any serious attempt to persuade workers to shape up or ship out.
Harrelson's has become a violent pressure cooker with a failed marriage, while McConaughey, left, is an emaciated husk, chain smoking and supping beer through an unkempt Zapata moustache while mumbling psychobabble like a cross between a Grateful Dead roadie and the fifth horseman of the apocalypse.