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Language characterized by the often inaccurate use of jargon from psychiatry and psychotherapy: "Discussions ... sometimes ... consist of consciousness-raising psychobabble, with the students' feelings and experiences valued as much as anything the professor or texts have to offer" (Karen Lehrman).

[Coined by Richard Dean Rosen (born 1949), American writer.]

psy′cho·bab′bler n.


(Psychiatry) censorious a person who uses psychobabble
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So maybe he is getting anger management classes from psychobabbler Beswick, a man who talks about taking footballers, mentally, to a "happy place.
2 Born again peace lover and non stop psychobabbler Grant "softie" Mitchell forms a fathers against- the-bomb-innerchild- supreme-conscious ness-awareness group and weeps as fat brother Phil joins his mantra chanting sessions.
He isn't your usual egocentric football psychobabbler, I'll have you know.