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Holgrave gazed at her, as he rolled up his manuscript, and recognized an incipient stage of that curious psychological condition which, as he had himself told Phoebe, he possessed more than an ordinary faculty of producing.
Difficult life situations mean the situation when a family faces problems with health, orphanage and other problems, as well as poor moral and psychological condition due to the inability to independently overcome this situation, the Ministry explained.
If you can't express your emotions, name them, talk about them or relate to your feelings then you might be among the 10 percent of the healthy population who has difficulty processing the emotions they experience: a psychological condition known as alexithymia.
Doctors said that there have been significant improvements in Eman's psychological condition.
Khartoum, 11 May (SUNA)- The Public Attorney on Thursday cancelled the legal procedures in the case ((671/2017 of the Sudanese penal code for the year 1991, Apostasy and Violation of the Public Safety, against Mohamed Salih Al Dasougi, after he was referred to psychiatrist-consultant who confirmed the accused was in an unsuitable psychological condition that impacted his psychological and neurological abilities The attorney pointed out in statement to the Sudan News Agency that the consultant report has recommended that the person be brought out of the custody and be placed with a follow up and psychological orientation programme.
The woman and her lawyer, Ali Al Mansouri, have given the court medical documents they say prove she has gender dysphoria, a psychological condition, and high male hormones and testosterone, a physical condition.
The reality is that it hasn't worked for schizophrenia, or any other psychological condition, so there is little reason to believe that it will work for clinical depression.
However, no systematic studies have been performed thus far on the association between one's exposure to aggression and one's psychological condition.
Hamad Al-Hajeri told KUNA the market usually witnesses instability in the end of fiscal seasons, noting that the companies' suspension would impact negatively on the investors' psychological condition.
ISLAMABAD -- Taking notice of 21 PIA pilots and co-pilots reporting sick at the same time, Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) has constituted a medical board to examine their medical and psychological condition to ascertain professional viability.
Saydeh Habib filed a request with Investigative Judge George Rizk requesting that the court appoint a doctor to examine her client's psychological condition, according to the National News Agency.
Defence lawyer Fatima Al Hawaj told the High Criminal Court that her 20-year-old client was enraged due to a psychological condition and was not responsible for his actions.

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