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2. The supposed ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.


1. (Psychology) measurement and testing of mental states and processes. See also psychometrics
2. (Psychology) (in parapsychology) the supposed ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them
3. (Alternative Belief Systems) (in parapsychology) the supposed ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them
psychometrician, psyˈchometrist n


(saɪˈkɒm ɪ tri)

2. the alleged ability to divine facts concerning a person or associated object by means of contact with or proximity to the object.
psy`cho•met′ric, psy`cho•met′ri•cal, adj.
psy•chom′e•trist, n.

psychometrics, psychometry

the measurement of mental traits, abilities, and processes. — psychometrist, n.psychometric, adj.
See also: Psychology


A form of clairvoyance which in this case involves divination about a specific person, brought about by holding an object belonging to them.
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Noun1.psychometry - any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life


[saɪˈkɒmɪtrɪ] Npsicometría f


nPsychometrie f
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Now, Aleah's dilemma isn't class presentations; it's if she should take the psychometrician board or work first after graduating from BS Psychology this June.
lead), birth weight or gestational age, number of children in the home, father's presence in the home, preschool and out-of-home child care facility attendance, psychometrician, location and language of the assessment (see Supplemental Material, "Instructions for Making Risk of Bias Determinations").
Reece Akhtar is a psychometrician at Hogan Assessments.
Founder and director Helen Jones is a qualified psychometrician, holds a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology, and has more than 20 years' experience working in corporate training.
Nicole Risk, PhD, serves as a psychometrician for American Medical Technologists, a nationally and internationally recognized agency for allied health professionals.
Margaret has worked as a psychometrician for many years, and has been closely involved with large-scale international assessments including PISA and TIMSS.
senior psychometrician at Castle Worldwide, says, "Before SAS, our analytics process was more operationally fragmented.
A test development psychometrician directed the AAGL through test development and technical review and performed a psychometric edit.
The team consulted with a psychometrician to help develop the complex randomization scheme needed to assemble and administer parent and provider vignettes, with randomized number tables used to guide the assembly of interview packets.
Specific job tasks vary with the type of exam a psychometrician develops.
So, if a study is conducted to determine the best ways to identify gifted children, the psychometrician is likely to find that those assessment tools that provide numerical data are most beneficial, while the qualitative researcher will emphasize the significance of more informal, subjective measures.