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2. The supposed ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.


1. (Psychology) measurement and testing of mental states and processes. See also psychometrics
2. (Psychology) (in parapsychology) the supposed ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them
3. (Alternative Belief Systems) (in parapsychology) the supposed ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them
psychometrician, psyˈchometrist n


(saɪˈkɒm ɪ tri)

2. the alleged ability to divine facts concerning a person or associated object by means of contact with or proximity to the object.
psy`cho•met′ric, psy`cho•met′ri•cal, adj.
psy•chom′e•trist, n.

psychometrics, psychometry

the measurement of mental traits, abilities, and processes. — psychometrist, n.psychometric, adj.
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A form of clairvoyance which in this case involves divination about a specific person, brought about by holding an object belonging to them.
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Noun1.psychometry - any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life


[saɪˈkɒmɪtrɪ] Npsicometría f


nPsychometrie f
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HIT was developed by an international team of headache experts from neurology and primary care medicine in collaboration with the psychometricians who developed the SF-36[R] health assessment tool.
He and Liu are part of a CBAL team that also includes assessment developers with deep science content knowledge, research assistants and associates, project managers and psychometricians.
Perhaps, in a desperate desire to reduce literary understanding for the psychometricians, Coleman mistakenly anticipates that this version of New Criticism could provide the kind of Euclidean precision to standardize the processes of literary study and to be able measure it.
Psychometricians and policy makers discuss the delivery of paper-and-pencil, technology-based, and classroom testing and writing assessments, and the major security threats for each, the prevalence of the problem, prevention, and detection, then issues in maintaining a secure testing program, such as monitoring, training, and planning; physical security; the detection of group-based cheating; investigating misconduct; communicating with stakeholders and the public about security-related issues; and legal issues.
The primary outcome of the CHAT trial was the Attention/Executive Function Domain score in a formal test, the Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment, administered by licensed psychometricians.
Hiles employs psychometricians to analyze the data and help portfolio owners optimize their next steps.
Neurobehavioral assessments were performed by bilingual psychometricians, and children were assessed in their dominant language.
the firm's president and co-founder, is an authority on assessment change and as one of the nation's renowned psychometricians, focuses on survey research and change management.
The test development process is guided by the psychometricians of the Exam Development and Staffing Research Group.
This involves significant resources and the participation of psychometricians, IMA volunteer leaders, ICMA Board of Regents, ICMA staff, and, most importantly, the management accounting community.
The study team included Latino and non-Latino child psychologists, psychiatrists, statisticians, psychometricians, anthropologists, and research project managers, who worked through a series of steps to ensure that key themes, content, and format were vetted and appropriate for participants.
When creating a test, psychometricians might start by determining its basic structure: which format to use, such as multiple-choice or short-answer questions; how many questions to ask; and the levels of difficulty of the questions.