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 (sī′kō-no͝o-rō′sĭs, -nyo͝o-)
n. pl. psy·cho·neu·ro·ses (-sēz)
Neurosis. No longer used in psychiatric diagnosis.

psy′cho·neu·rot′ic (-rŏt′ĭk) adj. & n.


n, pl -roses (-ˈrəʊsiːz)
(Psychiatry) another word for neurosis
psychoneurotic adj


(nʊˈroʊ sɪs, nyʊ-)

n., pl. -ses (-siz)
Also called psychoneurosis. a functional disorder in which feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts, compulsive acts, and physical complaints without objective evidence of disease, occurring in various degrees and patterns, dominate the personality.
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Noun1.psychoneurosis - a mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction
folie, mental disorder, mental disturbance, psychological disorder, disturbance - (psychiatry) a psychological disorder of thought or emotion; a more neutral term than mental illness
hysterical neurosis, hysteria - neurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outbreaks and disturbances of sensory and motor functions
anxiety neurosis - characterized by diffuse anxiety and often somatic manifestations of fear


[ˈsaɪkəʊnjʊəˈrəʊsɪs] N (psychoneuroses (pl)) [ˈsaɪkəʊnjʊəˈrəʊsiːz]psiconeurosis f inv
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A revised psychopathology of the psychoses and psychoneuroses.
Psychoneurosis is not an illness: Neuroses and psychoneuroses from the perspective of positive disintegration.
The men who were able to understand and use the new methods of evaluation were able to reevaluate their combat experiences and overcome their psychoneuroses.
39) Here, as in other pages written during different periods of his life, Pessoa speculates on the relationship between genius and madness, reflecting upon the psychoneuroses of poets, and suggesting that genius is not incompatible with the (physical) appearance of ordinariness or commonness.
His main interests in hypnosis are psychoneuroses and autoimmune disorders, carcinoma and pain syndromes.