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(ˈsɪl ə)

also psyl•lid


any jumping louse of the family Pysllidae, often a pest of fruit trees.
[< New Latin Psylla (1811), genus name < Greek psýlla flea]
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Noun1.psylla - small active cicada-like insect with hind legs adapted for leapingpsylla - small active cicada-like insect with hind legs adapted for leaping; feeds on plant juices
plant louse, louse - any of several small insects especially aphids that feed by sucking the juices from plants
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Evaluation of some botanicals against citrus leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella) and psylla (Diaphorina citri) on kagzilime (Citrus aurantifolia).
Collier, who lives in East Wenatchee, owns a 6-acre pear orchard in the 2700 block of Malaga/Alcoa Highway, which, according to inspectors and enforcement agents of the Chelan-Douglas County Horticultural Pest and Disease Board, has been infested with codling moth, pear psylla, fire blight and grape mealy bugs since 2012.
This was a mobile crew that traveled through Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia looking for abandoned pear orchards because they were considered to be the potential sites of an insect called pear psylla.
May: Apply pear psylla spray; check for insects; expect bloom from the middle to the end of the month.
Multicolored Asian lady beetles (MALB), Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) were introduced as biocontrol agents to control the pecan aphid, pear psylla and other soft-bodied insects.
The cost of three to four applications of Surround is about equal to one application of the insecticide pear growers use against pear psylla.
The 30-100 shot sluiced home by a cosy two and a half lengths from Barnata, with Psylla last of the three runners three lengths further back.
Use in summer to control aphids, pear psylla, scale insects, mites, and eggs of some insects.
ABACUS provides control of mites (including two-spotted spider mite, Pacific, strawberry, Carmine, and McDaniel spider mites, European red mite and citrus bud mite), certain leafhoppers, leafminers, and thrips, plus pear psylla and Colorado potato beetle.
Once the colonies were established, bioassays were performed on the F1 generation using a modified version of the leaf-dip technique for the pear psylla (Psylla spp.
Jay Brunner of the WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center will discuss on Tuesday afternoon new research discoveries in the area of biological control and a pheromone for pear Psylla, and new pest issues focusing on the spotted winged drosophila.