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Psychological warfare.


(Military) military esp US psychological warfare


psychological warfare.
[1950–55, Amer.; by shortening]
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Psywar only gives intangible but important results that need to be synchronised with policy and national aims.
His collection includes secret Daily Collation Summaries prepared by a 20-man psywar detachment working for General Headquarters, US Army Forces in the Pacific.
Most of the Army's operational work in psywar took place at the theater level, where the responsible organization was normally designated a psychological warfare branch (PWB).
The psywar parties involved in the making of the adaptation called for something more upbeat than the novel's conclusion, wherein the animals resign themselves to their fate, realizing that there is no longer any difference between the pigs who have established authoritarian rule over the farm and the men who were the original oppressors.
The illegal transfers were camouflaged within a larger Uruguayan military PSYWAR (psychological warfare) operation to portray the exiled activists as a terrorist invasion force threatening the state.
It makes you feel like demanding a special war crimes tribunal for corporate media executives and owners who joined the roll-up to "shock and awe" as non-uniformed psywar ops.
The EC-130E ABCCC (Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center) is clearly very different in equipment from the psywar EC-130E Commando Solo, which makes radio and TV broadcasts and is only flown by the Pennsylvania National Guard.
1949; Watson was Britain's psywar liaison officer in Washington.