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A Black bengal goat with signs of ptyalism, inability to swallow food and water, regurgitation of water through nostrils, severe bloat and stretched neck was presented and diagnosed as choke due to hard metal object at two places of cervical oesophagus based on clinico-radiological examination.
Additional clinical signs were ptyalism with frothing from the mouth and dyspnea with gurgling respiration.
They cause symptoms characteristic of esophagitis like dysphagia, ptyalism and regurgitation (1).
Multifocal sialoceles and sialoliths in a yellow-naped Amazon parrot (Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata) with chronic ptyalism.
Drooling (also known as driveling, ptyalism, sialorrhea, or slobbering) is when saliva flows outside the mouth, defined as "saliva beyond the margin of the lip".
21 Leaf Sialorrhea or ptyalism (symptoms: excessive salivation), helminthiasis (symptoms: abdominal pain).
Generalized clinical signs of dental disease can include anorexia, halitosis, ptyalism, facial swelling, oral ulceration, and pain.
Prior reports by other investigators had put the incidence of ptyalism in pregnancy at no more than 1%, she added.