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Noun1.public easement - any easement enjoyed by the public in general (as the public's right to use public streets)
easement - (law) the privilege of using something that is not your own (as using another's land as a right of way to your own land)
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Contract notice: Structure testing and structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures in accordance with din 1076 for a 6-year cycle - buildings of public easement land berlin is abbreviated as:
The city could keep a public easement on it to retain access to the utilities, including natural gas, cable, fiber optic and sewer and stormwater lines, she said.
The "public" element of a public easement requires that
So long as it remains within the footprint of the public easement and doesn't unreasonably infringe on other users' rights, transmitting electricity is an appropriate and legal use of a public road.
Hager said the town plans to work with the Manchaug Mill owners to obtain a public easement for the trail to the east of Main Street, and extend it by the fire station to the northwest of Manchaug Road.
While the criminal case, which was dismissed on appeal, was pending, the Conatsers filed a civil suit seeking a declaration that the public easement in state waters included the right to touch or walk upon the bottoms of public waters in unobtrusive ways.
Under the original plan, the property would revert to Newhall Land if the arrangement failed, but a public easement would remain.
The earlier Nollan decision had found that an "essential nexus" was not to be found when the government simply wanted a public easement in exchange for building a private residence.
A particular public easement may be imposed upon land already subject to a different public easement without express legislative authority if the exercise of the second easement will not interfere with the exercise of the first, or if the amount of land taken is not enough to impair the use of the remainder for the original purpose.
There is no dispute that prior to Rita a public easement allowed access to the beach seaward of Severance's property.

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