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Noun1.public knowledge - knowledge that is available to anyonepublic knowledge - knowledge that is available to anyone
cognition, knowledge, noesis - the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning
common knowledge - anything generally known to everyone
light - public awareness; "it brought the scandal to light"
open, surface - information that has become public; "all the reports were out in the open"; "the facts had been brought to the surface"
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It was a matter of public knowledge, they said, that after the conquest of King William, his Norman followers, elated by so great a victory, acknowledged no law but their own wicked pleasure, and not only despoiled the conquered Saxons of their lands and their goods, but invaded the honour of their wives and of their daughters with the most unbridled license; and hence it was then common for matrons and maidens of noble families to assume the veil, and take shelter in convents, not as called thither by the vocation of God, but solely to preserve their honour from the unbridled wickedness of man.
The event, which is organised for the 15th consecutive year, aims to enrich public knowledge of astronomy, and present school students, families and museum visitors with the latest developments in this science.
Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge, Harold Feld, said that the combined company would control about a third of the US cable market, with the deal focused on leveraging video, voice and broadband in the so-called triple-play market.
However, the Open Internet rules that Public Knowledge is referring to are geared toward landlines and the rule referred in the press release is the only one that applies to mobile, The Verge pointed out.
Back in 2010, it also was public knowledge that Helena and its fire and police pension boards had hired outside counsel to help recover funds lost in dealings with Turbeville.
The people who those members of Congress represent are the most at risk from the closed, controlling Internet that the phone and cable companies want," said Public Knowledge President Gigi Sohn.
Audience-citizens; the media, public knowledge and interpretive practice.
As it became fairly public knowledge, we wanted to confirm that he's the man we want and that we have agreed terms with Gus.
Glamour model Jordan, presenter Melinda Messenger and Spicegirl Mel B have also made their surgery public knowledge.
Meanwhile the truth about Ben's dad becomes public knowledge across Carrigstown.
CITY CENTRE: The Merseyside Criminal Justice Board is holding an event to increase public knowledge of sentencing in the courts.
PRISON governors should give talks in schools and other places in the community to improve public knowledge of the work done by jails, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said.

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