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Noun1.public press - the print media responsible for gathering and publishing news in the form of newspapers or magazines
free press - a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology
print media - a medium that disseminates printed matter
newspaper, paper - a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements; "he read his newspaper at breakfast"
mag, magazine - a periodic publication containing pictures and stories and articles of interest to those who purchase it or subscribe to it; "it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money"
press corps - a group of journalists representing different publications who all cover the same topics; "the White House press corps"
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To acknowledge the kindness with which it has been received in all the principal towns of England through which the Show has passed, and where it has been most favourably noticed by the respected conductors of the public Press, and by the Nobility and Gentry.
But I can fancy that if an artist produced a work of art in England that immediately on its appearance was recognised by the public, through their medium, which is the public press, as a work that was quite intelligible and highly moral, he would begin to seriously question whether in its creation he had really been himself at all, and consequently whether the work was not quite unworthy of him, and either of a thoroughly second-rate order, or of no artistic value whatsoever.
I need hardly say that I am not, for a single moment, complaining that the public and the public press misuse these words.
But like the Frenchman of whom the story is told that he studied for holy orders, took all the oaths, was ordained priest, and next morning wrote to his bishop informing him that, as he did not believe in God and considered it wrong to deceive the people and live upon their pockets, he begged to surrender the orders conferred upon him the day before, and to inform his lordship that he was sending this letter to the public press,-- like this Frenchman, the prince played a false game.
There are no further particulars, and the whole case is in your hands now--so far as it has been set forth in the public press.
This,' said he, taking a gray roll of paper from his bureau, 'is the original of that secret treaty between England and Italy of which, I regret to say, some rumors have already got into the public press.
Quigg, who holds the WBA version of the world title, and his trainer Joe Gallagher were heckled and booed throughout yesterday's public press conference.
Several hours later, Raging Capital repeated and expanded such false allegation in a public press release and stated that it is aware of other suitors (this time plural) who are interested in EZchip and who have contacted EZchip and/or its banker in order to express their interest.
WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (KUNA) -- The US expressed its deep concern on Friday over reports that the Houthi Shiite group held a public press conference in which they announced a new presidential council and their intention to dissolve the Yemeni parliament.
On December 31, 2014, the organization officially announced their name change in a public press statement by its President, Flash Russo.
But many public press organizations criticized the ban, claiming that the real aim behind the decision is to conceal the reality from the public.
But if the public press miss, they will be sent trundling towards the exit.

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