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Noun1.public property - property owned by a government
belongings, property, holding - something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man of property";
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They are, so to say, public poetry, the public property of the emotions, and no longer touch the private heart or stir the private imagination.
Perhaps it was taken, without leave, by some person who regarded it as public property because it had once figured under Liberty Tree.
First, because upon it depends the very life of the race of Mahars, and second, owing to the fact that when it was public property as at first so many were experimenting with it that the danger of over-population became very grave.
seemed to be made public property on, now, and that every man seemed to think himself free to handle his name as if it was a Street Pump.
The press seized upon the story, of course, and now it is public property.
An inveterately vindictive woman, she had resolved to discover whatever compromising elements might exist in the governess's secret, and to make them public property (from a paramount sense of duty, of course) among her own circle of friends.
In this way I lived on immured in a building or prison called by the Turks a bano in which they confine the Christian captives, as well those that are the king's as those belonging to private individuals, and also what they call those of the Almacen, which is as much as to say the slaves of the municipality, who serve the city in the public works and other employments; but captives of this kind recover their liberty with great difficulty, for, as they are public property and have no particular master, there is no one with whom to treat for their ransom, even though they may have the means.
From words and hints let fall I could see that the fact of Polina having spent the night in my room was now public property.
The knowledge will be public property very soon, so if Mr.
17 (BNA): Student Services Directorate at the Ministry of Education has organised a discussion session themed "The duty of preserving public property," in the presence of 35 students from the intermediate schools.
exclusive rights to the National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) with respect to insurance of public property.
MANAMA: Villagers have welcomed steps to punish arsonists and people who damage public property in Bahrain.
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