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Noun1.public relations man - someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)public relations man - someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)
publiciser, publicist, publicizer - someone who publicizes
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He is, of course, the consummate, Etoneducated public relations man.
Byers was 29, a former journalist and public relations man with no management experience.
VAN Morrison has written to a public relations man who sued him, setting the record straight over the handling of allegations he fathered a child with his former tour manager.
As a retired public relations man I'd advise that he'd do even better with good PR.
If anything, I'm a walking public relations man for Sir Billy," he said.
The entourage grows further as the church sends a public relations man as a sort of chaperone or professional eavesdropper throughout filming, with some stifling, risible results.
A public relations man said that when "the touchy-feely fascists got to work .
New York, Sept 23 ( ANI ): Public relations man George Dassinger has revealed that his client and famous boxer Ken Norton, who once broke Muhammad Ali's jaw, was scared of kids who were intelligent.
Public relations man David Barnes, from Chepstow, spotted the car as he drove past with his wife.
PJ Carroll & Company, who made cigarettes, sponsored the horses on the circuit going back and through their public relations man Pat Heneghan looked after us with cartloads of cigarettes.
The public relations man said he believed there would be little damage to the NBA if an agreement was reached without threatening the start of their season in late October.
I'm far too sensitive" Film star Liv Tyler "You make me feel like a seriously boring middle-class white Englishman" What broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby said to a Ghanaian fashion designer "Economists have no more idea of how to control spending than astrophysicists - and a rather greater capacity to think up clever reasons for doing nothing" Lord Waldegrave, a former Tory chief secretary to the Treasury "He is yet another goddamned public relations man, as if there are not enough in government already" Tory peer Lord Tebbit on Danny Alexander, the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury "Bono at times gets a reputation for having something of a bloated ego.

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