public sale

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public sale

An auction of property or merchandise.


(ˈɔk ʃən)

1. Also called public sale. a publicly held sale at which property or goods are sold to the highest bidder.
b. the bidding in bridge or other games.
3. to sell by auction (often fol. by off): to auction off one's furniture.
[1585–95; < Latin auctiō=aug(ēre) to increase, see augment + -tiō -tion]
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However, NAB also summoned to Director General SBCA over constructions of illegal public sale projects during last 12 years.
The Union has announced that no tickets will be going on public sale for the February 3 match at the Principality Stadium.
Meanwhile, some premium-level seats for the second leg in Dublin will go on public sale today at 11am on.
The analysis should look at the legal framework and the issue of the attachment and electronic public sale and the information systems and registers used in the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Kazakhstan.
However, with such heavy demand for tickets from the promoters, networks and casino (which all have to pay for tickets), it is doubtful more than a few hundred, maybe 1,000 tickets will be offered for public sale.
Secured Lender reserves the right to reject all bids and terminate or adjourn the sale to another time or place, or to effectuate a private sale instead of a public sale, without further publication, and further reserves the right to bid for the Collateral at the sale and to credit bid by applying some or all of its secured debt to the purchase price.
As well as the financial benefit to the club you are buying from you are also saving yourself the booking fee and postage and packaging costs associated with telephone and internet sales, which are a necessary part of our public sale strategy.
The Easter Road outfit effectively sold out their allocation for Hampden in a public sale on Tuesday, meaning they will have over 20,000 fans at the National Stadium a week tomorrow.
The Australian Rugby Union said that general public ticket allocations for Tests in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydns ey were "drained" within minutes of going on public sale yesterday.
BOYLSTON - A public sale will be held for the surplus furniture and equipment from the old Tahanto Regional High School, 1001 Main St.
The investment dealer arm of RBC managed a CAD150m public sale of 2043 bonds and a CAD750m private placement of 2043 bonds, while the investment dealer arm of NBC was the co-lead manager of the public sale.
A total of pounds 6,843 was taken in the first hour of tickets going on public sale for the Liverpool Playhouse staging of Antony and Cleopatra, in October.

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