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The GMB also cited a separate estimate by the Office for National Statistics, which shows that public sector pay is 5.
The government is delivering reforms to the revolving door culture that currently exists in some parts of the public sector by bringing nearly double the number of public sector bosses under the scope of new clawback legislation.
The launch of the Public Sector Group includes representation from the key public sector stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities that matter to them.
Can someone please explain to me why those people employed in the public sector feel entitled to drain us even further to hand themselves a standard of living which we can simply not afford for ourselves?
As regards dental colleges, there are three recognized dental colleges in public sector in Punjab while in the number of recognized dental colleges in private sector is ten.
Singh said: "Our Government is committed to a strong public sector in many areas of our economy.
Public sector bodies have cancelled or put major IT projects on hold as they get to grips with the first wave of cutbacks ahead of next month''s comprehensive spending review, said the report by ReThink Recruitment.
While contractors understand the difference in bidding for public and private sector work and can prepare for the risks, what has added to the challenge in the public sector is the escalating cost of certain materials," Seibolb explains.
Historically, the Brazilian public sector has invested in healthcare, education and social development.
The survey, conducted on behalf of new public sector website Inside Public, showed that eight out of 10 public sector workers find their jobs rewarding compared to only six out of 10 private sector workers.
There is a wealth of career options within the public sector.

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