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Motivated by or exhibiting devotion to the public welfare.

pub′lic-spir′it·ed·ness n.


(Social Welfare) having or showing active interest in public welfare or the good of the community


having or showing an unselfish interest in the public welfare.
pub′lic-spir′itedness, n.
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Adj.1.public-spirited - showing unselfish interest in the public welfare; "a public-spirited citizen"
unselfish - disregarding your own advantages and welfare over those of others


adjective altruistic, generous, humanitarian, charitable, philanthropic, unselfish, community-minded Thanks to a group of public-spirited citizens, the garden has been preserved.


[ˈpʌblɪkˈspɪrɪtɪd] ADJ [act] → de espíritu cívico, solidario; [person] → lleno de civismo, consciente del bien público


[ˌpʌblɪkˈspɪrɪtɪd] adj (attitude) → che denota senso civico; (act) → di civismo; (person) → che ha senso civico


(ˈpablik) adjective
of, for, or concerning, the people (of a community or nation) in general. a public library; a public meeting; Public opinion turned against him; The public announcements are on the back page of the newspaper; This information should be made public and not kept secret any longer.
ˈpublicly adverb
puˈblicity (-ˈblisə-) noun
1. advertising. There is a lot of publicity about the dangers of smoking.
2. the state of being widely known. Film stars usually like publicity.
ˈpublicize, ˈpublicise (-saiz) verb
to make widely known; to advertise. We are publicizing a new product.
public holiday
a day on which all (or most) shops, offices and factories are closed for a holiday.
public house (usually abbreviated to pub (pab) )
a house where alcoholic drinks are sold to the public.
public relations (also PR)
the attitude, understanding etc between a firm, government etc and the public.
ˌpublic ˈservice anˌnouncement noun
(especially American) an announcement on television or radio given as a service to the public.
public spirit
a desire to do things for the good of the community.
ˌpublic-ˈspirited adjective
public transport
the bus, tram and train services provided by a state or community for the public.
in public
in front of other people, not in private. They are always quarrelling in public.
the public
people in general. This swimming pool is open to the public every day.
public opinion poll
a way of finding out public opinion by questioning a certain number of people.

the public is singular: The public is entitled to know the facts .
References in classic literature ?
The public spirit of my parishioners asks for nothing but money and beer.
There are specimens of the state of public spirit in our village
It interested me much to learn that by the public spirit of some of the inhabitants a railroad has recently been established between this populous and flourishing town and the Celestial City.
He shook hands with Isaacs & Sons, and congratulated them upon their public spirit, and the type-writer firm upon their public spirit.
After having shown the public spirit of this praiseworthy little animal as a member of a community, and his amiable and exemplary conduct as the father of a family, we grieve to record the perils with which he is environed, and the snares set for him and his painstaking household.
It is surprising to me, sir, that you, who possess real public spirit, should have made no effort to enlighten the Government, after accomplishing so much.
because this appeared such an exalted strain of virtue and public spirit, that his majesty seemed to doubt it might possibly not be always sincere.
A born provincial man who has a grain of public spirit as well as a few ideas, should do what he can to resist the rush of everything that is a little better than common towards London.
A part of the Hole, indeed, contained so much public spirit and private virtue that not even this strong leverage could move it to good fellowship with a tainted accuser.
As we report today, after a frail 97-year-old Rhiwbina pensioner was subjected to a despicable robbery in her own home, the local community has rallied around to show her cowardly attacker - and those like him or her - that public spirit cannot be easily quashed.