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Noun1.publicity man - someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)publicity man - someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)
publiciser, publicist, publicizer - someone who publicizes
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JASON Kay, the chairman of recently formed Coventry United, may believe he is the biggest publicity man since Barnum, but the preposterous statement that one day they could play at the Ricoh Arena on a permanent basis is a statement that needs challenging on behalf of the other Non League sides currently playing in Coventry (Telegraph, April 28).
However Lawrence had a facility which Gertrude Bell did not: a highly-skilled, American, publicity man who followed him all over the Arabian Peninsula, sending accounts worldwide to newspapers, taking still pictures and shooting film.
Their publicity man, a Mr Mugabe, explained, "Your boys made us realise it's the little things that count.
And for the last song, policemen moved in to prevent excited fans approaching the stage - very satisfying for the publicity man who said that Haley's 14-concert tour "has been getting better every night".
My publicity man, Harry Flynn, he took the bull by the horns and he said, "Come on, we're going to write this book now or else.
I never did, although I gave voice to what he said about Ducks baseball when I was his publicity man 30 years ago.
PUBLICITY man who became senior director, joined company, 24 years ago as public relations officer with Standard.
Finding the southern California climate beneficial for her asthma, she stayed on following Irma's return to New Jersey, and after a few months of temporary jobs, landed the position of private and social secretary to Samuel Goldwyn: "I come in contact with every phase of the movie industry: looking for new material; keeping in touch with the producers in New York; reading new books; turning over possible material to the scenario writer who happens to be Frances Marion; hiring actors and actresses, directors, camera men; keeping in touch with the art director, publicity man, the projection and cutting rooms and ever so many other things," she wrote.
One of his answers described the attitude that PR practitioners should expect from reporters: "If I were a newspaperman I should welcome every particle of information which any publicity man would give me, from any source, and then I should go to work to develop my story in my own way.
Standout supporting work comes from Joe Spano, who with great subtlety suggests the supreme power of veteran MGM publicity man Howard Strickling.
If I had been Trump's publicity man, I'd have suggested he announce his attempt to "emulate some of the great golf courses you already have over there in Scotland".
Spoli's secondhusband, Major Paul Mills, a hero of Monte Cassino,became a publicity man for MGM and their London home was a haunt for stars until his death in 1997.