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Noun1.publishing house - a firm in the publishing businesspublishing house - a firm in the publishing business  
business firm, firm, house - the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a brokerage house"
newspaper, newspaper publisher, paper - a business firm that publishes newspapers; "Murdoch owns many newspapers"
magazine publisher, magazine - a business firm that publishes magazines; "he works for a magazine"
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It published a weekly in English, and one each in Bohemian and German; also there was a monthly published in Chicago, and a cooperative publishing house, that issued a million and a half of Socialist books and pamphlets every year.
He was self-educated, had taught himself German and French, and at that time was earning a meagre living by translating scientific and philosophical works for a struggling socialist publishing house in Chicago.
He also thanked all the supporting bodies and partners of the 'Future's Writers' programme, particularly Qatar University, Barwa Bank, Dar Roza Publishing House and the Khair Jalees Book Club.
Tenders are invited for Supply of textbooks for pupils from I, II, IV, V and VI for the school year 2018/2019 at the "Petko Karavelov" School in Asenovgrad in three separate lots: Lot 1: Textbooks and teaching aids of Publishing House " Prosveta Plus EOOD, Prosveta Alphabet EOOD Lot 2: Textbooks and teaching aids of Bulvest 2000 Ltd.
Summary: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Jan 18 (ANI): Gulshan Books, a Kashmiri publishing house at Jammu and Kashmir's Nehru Park has found its way into the Limca Book of Records 2018 for its wide collection of 80,000 books.
El-Hag announced the participation of 848 publishing house, of which 144 are participating in the book fair for the first time.
Publishing house Penguin Random House UK revealed on Thursday that UK publishing house Transworld is to publish a new title, Transcription, from bestselling and award-winning novelist Kate Atkinson in September 2018.
More local and international publishers are joining this year's MIBF, including Abiva Publishing House Inc.
Shanghai: Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, 1958.
Trustees were appointed to run Kaynak Holding, a group that consists of 23 companies, including the country's largest publishing house.
The awards for publishing houses were given away with the best local publishing house award going to Madarek Publishing House; the best Arab publishing house award to Dar Al Farabi and the best international publisher award to Tuscan Publishing House.