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n. pl. pu·den·da (-də)
often pudenda The external genitals of a human, especially of a woman.

[Latin, neuter gerundive of pudēre, to make or be ashamed.]

pu·den′dal (-dĕn′dəl) adj.


[pjuːˈdendə] NPL (frm) → partes fpl pudendas
References in classic literature ?
The females were not so large as the males; they had long lank hair on their heads, but none on their faces, nor any thing more than a sort of down on the rest of their bodies, except about the anus and pudenda.
La unica actividad sexual en la que una mujer adquiere funciones activas durante la practica del sexo es a traves del cunnilingus (Parker, 1997) procedente de los sustantivos latinos cunnus,--i (the female pudenda, vulva) (Lewis, 1879) y lingua,--ae (lengua) (Segura, 2003), este acto hace referencia a la practica del sexo oral en los genitales femeninos.
La arteria pudenda interna es la arteria del perine y de los organos genitales externos, de la cual salen las arterias hemorroidales inferiores que se dirigen a traves de la fosa isquiorrectal a irrigar el conducto anal, el ano y la zona perineal; la arteria perineal, que se separa de la pudenda interna enfrente del borde posterior del musculo transverso superficial del perine, irriga los musculos isquiocavernosos, bulbocavernosos y perineales transversos.
Adams (1983, 89) does not cite fores in this context but does state: "The external female pudenda may be likened to a door, and the vagina to a path of passage.
Assim, a cauda do epididimo e o tecido adjacente foram excisados e realizou-se a sintese do anel inguinal externo, com padrao de sutura em X, preservandose a patencia da veia pudenda externa.
Firstly, they are derived from the female pudenda, cono [English cunt], arguably one of the strongest taboo words in the Spanish language.
With paints and colored chalks, the women begin to fill in the figures, "[f]irst with natural features: breasts and pudenda, toes, ears and head hair," but eventually with metaphorical ones (265).
Num quid enim Priapo mimi ac poetae, non etiam sacerdotes, enormia pudenda fecerunt?
the review that revealed a variety of pudenda in its skits about sexual proclivities.
The floral curtains frame Mary as civilized and cultivated and provide an antithesis to Fanny's animalistic and jungle-like pudenda.
Doch die Pudenda unserer Natur hangen mit den Cammern des Herzens und des Gehirns so genau zusammen, dass eine zu strenge.
Bueno, la primera acepcion de pudenda del drae es "torpe, feo, que debe causar verguenza" (quiza por la segunda: "miembro viril").