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n. pl. pu·den·da (-də)
often pudenda The external genitals of a human, especially of a woman.

[Latin, neuter gerundive of pudēre, to make or be ashamed.]

pu·den′dal (-dĕn′dəl) adj.


[pjuːˈdendə] NPL (frm) → partes fpl pudendas
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The females were not so large as the males; they had long lank hair on their heads, but none on their faces, nor any thing more than a sort of down on the rest of their bodies, except about the anus and pudenda.
Hadidi, director of the NCFM] confirms that a forensic examination "enables the specialist to know if the hymen was broken due to an accident or rape, since the tears in the latter case are recent and accompanied with bruises and other trauma in the pudenda and the surrounding area" (Muawwad, 2009a).
Then, later, we were introduced to gendered toys, toys whose differences are inscribed everywhere but in their pudenda, she said.
Farmer, in Slang and its Analogues Past and Present has this entry for 'Black Joke': 'the female pudenda.
It is a black and white photo and Madonna has her breasts exposed and just a white sheet covering her pudenda while she lies on a bed.
George Knapton's notorious portrait of leading founder member Sir Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron Le Despencer, 1742, as a Franciscan friar, chalice in hand, worshipping the pudenda of Venus de'Medici in a mock communion rite (Society of Dilettanti, London) (Redford, op.
The flowers had seemed shameless, like exposed pudenda.
I bought a new bathing suit, just pants and a brassiere: the breasts and the pudenda covered--beneath the sun in frank vulgarity.
The dorsal artery of the penis was observed to pass coudally through the body of the penis in a groove formed by the right and left bulbocavernosus muscle after the leaving arteria pudenda interna, and later running along the dorsum penis, each side of the retractor penis muscle.
4) The combination of an erotic gaze and the buttocks suggests an anal-privileging that is echoed by "pink-gleaming," "baby-smooth," "almost hairless"--phrases that make an implicit (and unfavorable) comparison to pudenda.
Compare the paintings that the German artist Martin Eder showed at Hauser & Wirth's plush quarters on Old Bond Street in London the same month Mead presented his work in the considerably more downmarket digs of the Horse Hospital: The subject matter was similar, centering around naked or nearly naked young women; the sullen-faced girl in Nacht (Night), 2009, whose virginal white dress doesn't manage to hide either her breasts or her pudenda while giant fish swim in the aquarium behind her, or the one (perhaps the same?