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adj. pudg·i·er, pudg·i·est
Somewhat fat; chubby: a pudgy face. See Synonyms at fat.

[From pudge, something thick and short.]

pudg′i·ness n.
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Noun1.pudginess - the property of having a plump and round bodypudginess - the property of having a plump and round body
embonpoint, plumpness, roundness - the bodily property of being well rounded
قُصْر وَسُمْنَه
òybbinn líkamshluti


(ˈpodʒi) pudgy (ˈpadʒi) adjective
plump; fat.
ˈpodginess, ˈpudginess noun
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If microbes from thin people can jump between animals and prevent pudginess, Gordon asks, "why isn't there an epidemic of leanness?
At each visit, they also measured pudginess and weight of the infants.
A little pudginess is acceptable as long as Santa's weight does not put him at risk for diabetes or heart disease," concluded Dr.
You could have a nose job as there is a bit of pudginess at the top.