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Exaggerated praise, especially when used in publicity.


n, pl -eries
(Marketing) informal exaggerated praise, esp in publicity or advertising


(ˈpʌf ə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
publicity, acclaim, or praise that is unduly exaggerated.
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Noun1.puffery - a flattering commendation (especially when used for promotional purposes)
flattery - excessive or insincere praise


A systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity:
Informal: pitch, plug.
Slang: hype.
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Some dismissed it as embarrassing but inconsequential puffery, and others considered it a form of digital-age personal marketing.
Demeanin' I say, son, with this his puffery and I his jiggery-pokery, son
Stay away from aspirational puffery and grand statements, or skip an overview section altogether.
The court also found that Defendants statements regarding the robustness of FCAs compliance systems and that they were industry best and similar statements were not puffery.
Frankfurt settled on the phrase to describe the bull-session nature of the liberal project--exaggerated tales, failure to recognize evidence, and puffery.
Chapter Two traces the development of puffery in the book trade.
Statements of puffery, like the above-referenced quote, will generally not lead to broker liability.
The glitzy puffery of the materials may attract some students, but they're unlikely to be the most promising ones.
SPLURGE: No Puffery Cooling roll-on for puffy eyes.
Examples of puffery could be a massage therapist claiming to give the best massage in the world or a naturopath selling herbs that will melt fat away.
With the oncoming of the 'Crowdfunding Era,'" he warned, "investors must be on guard against offerings which are unbalanced, one-sided, and replete with unbridled puffery.
Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-on For Puffy Eyes, PS24 Make sure your eyes are in good order and bag-free with this lovely cooling roll-on that will help you ditch the concealer from time to time.