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a kind of mill for grinding and mixing clay, either for brickmaking or the fine arts; a clay mill. It consists essentially of an upright shaft armed with projecting knives, which is caused to revolve in a hollow cylinder, tub, or vat, in which the clay is placed.

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Tenders are invited for for the replacement of the existing sludge dewatering equipment with new rotary presses and two new mccs, installation of pug mills, a polymer feed system, operator room, and all necessary piping and appurtenance.
It is necessary to import clay mixers, pug mills and kilns from Europe or the US.
Mixing occurs after batching and is performed with various machines, such as dry mixing ribbon mixers, mueller mixers and pug mills.
The catalog features Shimpo's full product line of ConeArt Kilns and kiln accessories, potter's wheel and wheel accessories, pug mills, and banding wheels.
Binder mixing typically relies on pug mills or mullers.
Quality operates 10 ready-mix concrete plants, two material distribution yards and three pug mills throughout Southeast and Central Texas.
Separate pug mills can be used following the same high to low temperature cycles with darker clay body formulas.