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 (pwĭs′əns, pyo͞o′ĭ-səns, pyo͞o-ĭs′əns)
Power; might.

[Middle English, from Old French, from poissant, powerful, present participle of pooir, to be able; see power.]

puis′sant adj.
puis′sant·ly adv.


(ˈpjuːɪsəns; ˈpwiːsɑːns) or


1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) a competition in showjumping that tests a horse's ability to jump a limited number of large obstacles
2. archaic or poetic power
[C15: from Old French; see puissant]


(ˈpyu ə səns, pyuˈɪs əns, ˈpwɪs əns)

power; might.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Middle French, =puiss(ant) powerful (< Vulgar Latin *possent- (s. of *possēns), for Latin potent- (s. of potēns), present participle of posse to be able; see potent1, -ant) + -ance -ance]
pu′is•sant, adj.
pu′is•sant•ly, adv.
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Noun1.puissance - power to influence or coerce; "the puissance of the labor vote"
power, powerfulness - possession of controlling influence; "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons"; "the power of his love saved her"; "his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"


1. Capacity or power for work or vigorous activity:
2. The state or quality of being physically strong:
References in classic literature ?
Our puissance is our own, our own right hand Shall teach us highest deeds, by proof to try Who is our equal: then thou shalt behold Whether by supplication we intend Address, and to begirt th' Almighty Throne Beseeching or besieging.
Highlights: $100,000 President's Cup Grand Prix, $25,000 Puissance, $25,000 Dressage Invitational (Grand Prix and Musical Freestyle), Barrel Racing, Terrier Races, Polo, Side Saddle and a celebrity challenge.
Confronte a la puissance de feu superieure de l'Amisom, la force de l'Union africaine qui epaule les forces progouvernementales en Somalie, les shebab ont ete chasses de Mogadiscio en aout 2011 et depuis de l'ensemble des localites d'importance qu'ils tenaient.
Khartoum, 10 Juin (SUNA) - L'Assistant du President de la Republique professeur Ibrahim Ghandour s'adressera Mercredi a la seance d'ouverture de l'atelier des medias officiels qui sera intitule : (pour ameliorer la puissance de la competitivite du media officiels).
Selon des temoins, les vagues etaient si fortes qu'elles deferlaient avec puissance sur les cotes, debordant, par endroits, les routes littorales.
Les Bavarois ont realise un parcours quasi sans faute, montant en puissance au fil des rencontres en infligeant au passage un spectaculaire 7:0 a Barcelone sur l'ensemble des deux matches en demi-finale, avant de faire plier un etonnant Borussia Dortmund a une minute de la fin du temps reglementaire en finale.
Lost In The Moment could only manage fifth for Godolphin behind Puissance De Lune in the Group 3 Queen Elizabeth Stakes after missing the cut for the Melbourne Cup.
Following on will be the piE ce de resistance of all show jumping, a Puissance Jumping Display.
The 21-year-old from Outlane - a former Salendine Nook High student who works for Michael Whitaker in Nottinghamshire - won The Tagg Puissance, sharing first prize with Scotland's Douglas Duffin.
50 for Puissance Night at the 2010 Horse of the Year Show (Ticket upgrades are available at a supplement)
The young rider and junior jumping puissance was competitive as well, with sawar Rasool on Veeru the only one to clear 1.
It will feature Indoor Cross Country, contested in previous years by the likes of Zara Philips MBE, and the Puissance discipline.