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 (pŭl′krĭ-to͞od′, -tyo͞od′)
Great physical beauty and appeal.

[Middle English pulcritude, from Latin pulchritūdō, from pulcher, pulchr-, beautiful.]

pul′chri·tud′i·nous (-to͞od′n-əs, -tyo͞od′-) adj.
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Adj.1.pulchritudinous - used of persons only; having great physical beauty; "pulchritudinous movie stars"
beautiful - delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration; "a beautiful child"; "beautiful country"; "a beautiful painting"; "a beautiful theory"; "a beautiful party"




[ˌpʌlkrɪˈtjuːdɪnəs] ADJ (frm or liter) → bello
Los premios Pulitzer se conceden anualmente en Estados Unidos a trabajos periodísticos, literarios y musicales excepcionales, y gozan de un enorme prestigio. En periodismo se conceden trece premios, entre ellos los destinados al periodismo de investigación y crítica. En literatura existen seis categorías, entre las que destacan las de novela, poesía y teatro. Los premios llevan el nombre del editor periodístico norteamericano Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), quien inicialmente aportó el dinero de los premios.
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Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a weepie, aims to display marvelous physical beauty: life may be notably pulchritudinous.
My music is eclectic, multifarious and pulchritudinous.
The exhibition includes works made between 1980 and 2015, organized into four sections: "Auto-Generated Forms," which includes the early pigment piles and the artist's signature optical devices; "Many Kinds of Beauty," in which soulful pristine geometries (including When I Am Pregnant, 1992) will appear with more grotesque and scatological forms; "Time," which features the pulchritudinous red dome At the Edge of the World, 1998; and "Unpredictable Forces," which returns to themes of self-generation and fantasies of the "autonomous expression of matter," as demonstrated by the mechanical arm of My Red Homeland, 2003, grinding ceaselessly through mountains of oily, pigmented wax.
What I'm learning, besides the fact that we're a pulchritudinous lot, is that each film heroine who emerges as lesbian comes from a creator--a writer, director, or actor--crafting their own version of the lesbian narrative.
Additional titles such as "The Pulchritudinous Children of October Snow" and "RuRu & Rudy" are also scheduled to be released in 2014/2015.
These are three of the outstanding decisions rendered by the Supreme Court under the charming, pulchritudinous, erudite, and initially misunderstood Aquino favorite, Chief Justice Ma.
But the on-screen romantic story of Cleopatra and Antony spilled over into real life once the pair started working together and Burton later revised his opinion calling her: "The most astonishingly self-contained, pulchritudinous, remote, removed, inaccessible woman I had ever seen.
The magnificent and pulchritudinous 78 square meters Flag of Pakistan has been engraved on a wall and was unveiled by Senator Sehar Kamran, Principal of the School and H.
This book filled with a plethora of pulchritudinous black and white photographs is the result of Hall's familiarity and fondness for both cities.
The exclusive Colliers threads are matched only by the pulchritudinous babe wearing 'em (with her own heels).
Pulchritudinous please--share this with your students and teachers.
This idea is aptly epitomized in the work of an action painter like Jackson Pollock, where the act of painting has normative force in its inescapable elaboration of what it otherwise appears only to embody in pulchritudinous drips of pigment.