pull apart

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w>pull apart

vt sep
(= separate)auseinanderziehen; sheets of paper, fighting peopletrennen; radio etcauseinandernehmen
(fig inf) (= search thoroughly)auseinandernehmen (inf); (= criticize)verreißen
vi (through design) → sich auseinandernehmen lassen; (= break)auseinandergehen
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Pull apart his eyelids with your thumb and forefinger and examine the pocket between the bottom of the eyeball and the lower eyelid.
From Circle Foods comes a new addition to their La Terra Fina line, Gather Rounds, a complete hors d'oeuvre in a box featuring puffy, golden-brown bread rounds made to pull apart and dunk into their own warm and creamy dip centers.
Tesco's (***) looked end tested similar, but its texture was slightly fluffier and it did not pull apart so easily.
Comparing their love life to "crashing cars", Shirley, 42, sings: "When we pull apart, I feel unloved, And you just become another thing I wish I hadn't done.
I cannot deny him his once-a-week treat and Pull apart my sandwich, a titbit off the end for him.
To replace an old vent cap, first pull apart the duct at the last joint inside the house.
When you stretch or pull your finger the bones pull apart.
Sound waves introduced in the cleaning liquid by the transducer create compression and expansion that molecules pull apart to form microscopic bubbles that begin the cleaning process.
Functions exactly the same as a traditional male tab, but with the ability to accept a FlatSnap snap-in unisex connector-the FlatSnap is easier to connect and cannot pull apart during assembly and shipping, according to the company.
By using lasers to pull apart the ends of the protein, the researchers could measure how the protein slowly unfolded and refolded, both with the chaperone present and without.
It's a double-stick combination of lemon ice and orange ice, which the kids can pull apart and either have "seconds" or share with a friend.
69 These are fun, like elastic and great to pull apart.