pull tab

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pull′ tab`

a metal tab or ring that is pulled to uncover the precut opening in a can or other container.
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Installed on the front of the package, the tear/ pull tab is a cut-out tab that can be easily accessed and opened and re-closed by the end user.
According to Emmeti, if a winery is using a pull tab as part of the wax finish, the machine will automatically orient the bottles to the correct position.
The 2" x 3" label has an easy to use pull tab style design with an adhesive backing that does not leave residue behind.
Solicitation: Pull Tab And Tape For End Item M8 Smoke Pot
Pre-printable with custom logos and specific ink colors, the labels come in standard sizes of 5 x 8 inches and 6 x 8 inches with a 4 x 6-inch perforated center section that is accessed with an easy pull tab.
This size includes a pull tab integrated into the shaft, providing a common industry connection point for swivels and saving in reamer weight and length.
Ampac developed a product called "Ampac Pull Tab,' which involved the integration of a pull-tab label over an opening in a pouch for accurate and easy placement of a straw for liquid applications.
Fast length adjustment is achieved with the extended pull tab that works well with hard knuckle combat gloves.
30 DAY FREE RETURNS The ankle boots come with a handy pull tab and side zip, and a removable padded insole offers extra comfort.
Also, American Greetings' Grandstand birthday card line features an easy-to-use pull tab that children use to pop the card's character to life.
What I thought was another Pepsi pull tab was Sam's ring in my hand
The cards in the children's birthday line, Grandstands, feature a pull tab to pop up card characters.

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