pull the plug

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Verb1.pull the plug - prevent from happening or continuing; "The government pulled the plug on spending"
cease, discontinue, lay off, quit, stop, give up - put an end to a state or an activity; "Quit teasing your little brother"
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A DALTON man assaulted his ex-partner in a row when he tried to pull the plug on her jukebox.
I understand people have to sell magazines, but I didn't pull the plug on any show, it's not ending.
Moreover, both proposals would still allow the city to pull the plug on the project in the future the only difference is when.
But Zenit threatened to pull the plug at the last minute in frustration at Arsenal because the Gunners had won the game of brinkmanship and got Arshavin for half the original asking price.
The move comes after a London newspaper reported that "health chiefs" were set to pull the plug on the flagship Labour policy because the nation was running out of money.
The denial comes after the News of the World yesterday reported that "health chiefs" are set to pull the plug on the flagship Labour policy because the nation is running out of money.
THE future of Channel 4 show Countdown has been thrown into doubt as the businessman who owns the rights to the quiz has threatened to pull the plug.
He grapples with biblical edicts against homosexuality, deciding, ultimately, to advocate gay marriage, even though doing so could pull the plug on a major source of funding for his church.
FURIOUS Britney Spears is threatening to pull the plug on her and hubby Kevin Federline's flop reality TV show.
This fall "How to Be Gay" has returned, and so has Glenn, who is campaigning to get the state's governor, legislature, and the university's board of regents to pull the plug on the class.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation, which was overseeing the show, has now decided to pull the plug on the pounds 2m February 2 concert.

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