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 (po͝ol-mŏn′ĭk, pŭl-)
Of or relating to the lungs; pulmonary.


(pʌlˈmɒnɪk; pʊl-)
(Anatomy) of or relating to the lungs; pulmonary
(Pathology) rare
a. a person with lung disease
b. a drug or remedy for lung disease
[C17: from French pulmonique, from Latin pulmō a lung; see pulmonary]


(ˈpʌl məˌnɛr i, ˈpʊl-)

1. of or affecting the lungs.
2. having lungs or lunglike organs; pulmonate.
[1650–60; < Latin pulmōnārius of the lungs =pulmōn-, s. of pulmō lung + -ārius -ary]
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Adj.1.pulmonic - relating to or affecting the lungs; "pulmonary disease"


, pulmonic
a. pulmonar, pulmónico-a, rel. al pulmón o a la arteria pulmonar;
___ alveolar proteinosisproteinosis alveolar ___;
___ artery wedge pressurepresión diferencial de la arteria ___;
___ edemaedema ___;
___ embolismembolia ___;
___ emphysemaenfisema ___;
___ insufficiencyinsuficiencia ___;
___ stenosisestenosis ___;
___ valveválvula ___;
___ veinvena ___.


adj pulmonar
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Effect of diallyl sulfide on in vitro and in vivo Nrf2-mediated pulmonic antioxidant enzyme expression via activation ERK/p38 signaling pathway.
He had clubbing of fingernails and an accentuated second pulmonic heart sound.
The Rastelli operation was developed in patients with complex d-TGA and concomitant pulmonic outflow tract obstruction and a large VSD.
A subsequent echocardiogram demonstrated supravalvular and peripheral pulmonic stenosis, a small patent ductus arteriosis, and a patent foramen ovale.
These actions have no impact in any market on the Medtronic Engager(TM) Transcatheter Valve, the MelodyA Pulmonic Transcatheter Valve, or any other Medtronic product.
Medtronic stressed that the decision only affects commercial sales of the Core Valve system in Germany and will have no impact in any market on the Medtronic Engager Transcatheter Valve, the Melody Pulmonic Transcatheter Valve, or any other Medtronic product.
Esmee has pulmonic stenosis which means her heart has to work a lot harder to pump blood round her body.
These sounds are called "ingressive", and Eklund and his colleagues have proposed that we define purring as "continuous sound production must alternate between pulmonic egressive and ingressive airstream (and usually go on for minutes).
Mr Bennett Amin, 68 and a Brent resident, cares for his daughter Ruth, who suffers with multiple ailments including Pulmonic Stenosis (a condition restricting blood flow in the heart) and Epilepsy.
Pulmonic stenosis and pulmonary hypertension could not be ruled out during this study; however, both would be expected to include some degree of right ventricular hypertrophy if severe enough to lead to heart failure.
Pulmonary stenosis results from a defect with the pulmonic valve that resides between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery.
Conorary sinus effluent was collected by placing a cannula into the right ventricle through the pulmonic artery.