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Noun1.pulse counter - an electronic counter that counts the number of electric pulses
tabulator, counter - a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens
scaler - an electronic pulse counter used to count pulses that occur too rapidly to be recorded individually
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Tenders are invited for Pulse counter ZLVT 241 24V 15 Imp / S with two mounting frames SP5 or Sodeco Geneve TCeF4PE (V1: V2 - 24 mA185; V3: V4 - 24V Imp / S10) (or equivalent)
When a pulse counter at the electric meter senses that a set point in peak demand is being approached, a communication is transmitted to each lighting panel to send a highfrequency signal along the power line to trigger the ballasts to step down output by 30 percent.
Wi-Pulse--a dual-inputs pulse counter used to transmit values from electric, gas and water meters.
The USBee DX provides a 2 analog and 16 digital channel Logic Analyzer/Oscilloscope, click and drag instant decode of embedded bus transactions (including I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB low and full speed, I2S, SM-Bus, PS/2 and 1-Wire), digital voltmeter, data logger, digital signal generator, pulse width modulator, frequency counter, frequency generator, I2C Controller, and pulse counter.
Spinwave Systems, a provider of wireless mesh sensor networks for the building automation market, introduced a wireless pulse counter for remote metering applications.
I then realised I had a pulse counter on my pedometer.
Featuring an internal modem and as many as seven additional scale inputs, eight analog outputs, and 16 pulse counter inputs, each of the systems is housed in a NEMA 4X stainless-steel enclosure suitable for harsh environments, the company reports.
Step 4: Now, make a pulse counter like the one in the picture.
In addition, the old pulse counter has been replaced by a time relay to set the grinding time for each bit and there is also a new adapter that simplifies the grinding of bits with short skirts.
Also, a true stress integral indicator could be designed using a temperature gauge and solid-state pulse counter.
Depending on the version, the MCUs are offered with AES encryption, pulse counter, low energy UARTs and autonomous sensor interface, LESENSE, and on-chip operational amplifiers.
Tenders are invited for Pulse Counter Electromechenical 6 Digit Without Reset As Per Kubler Article No.