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A jet engine in which air intake and combustion occur intermittently, producing rapid periodic bursts of thrust.


(Aeronautics) a type of ramjet engine in which air is admitted through movable vanes that are closed by the pressure resulting from each intermittent explosion of the fuel in the combustion chamber, thus causing a pulsating thrust. Also called: pulsejet engine or pulsojet


a jet engine in which combustion occurs intermittently, owing to the opening and shutting of flap valves at the air intake.


A jet-propulsion engine containing neither compressor nor turbine. Equipped with valves in the front which open and shut, it takes in air to create thrust in rapid periodic bursts rather than continuously.
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Open competition: provision of engineering services on the topic: development of the calculation model and design pulsejet (puvrd) for the production of the target aircraft for the ministry of defense of the russian federation
It was dubbed the "buzz bomb" because of the sound of its pulsejet engine.
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His environmental retrofit projects included SO2, NOx, and precipitator refurbishments and a first-of-a-kind flue gas polishing compact hybrid pulsejet baghouse.
Part I discusses the history, classifications, and performance of air- breathing engines, from Leonardo da Vinci to the 20th century, then discusses different engine types including pulsejet, ramjet, single- and multi-spool turbojet, and turbofan in both subsonic and supersonic applications.
This new brochure from Scientific Dust Collectors illustrates the capabilities of the company's heavy-duty reverse pulsejet design.
The Space-Saver motor glider is used to save space and extend range--it is stored, deflated, and powered by a short lifetime pulsejet similar to the old German buzz bombs.

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