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 (pŭl-vī′nəs, -vē′-)
n. pl. pul·vi·ni (-nī′)
A cushionlike swelling at the base of the stalk of a leaf or leaflet.

[Latin pulvīnus, cushion.]


n, pl -ni (-naɪ)
(Botany) a swelling at the base of a leafstalk: changes in its turgor pressure cause changes in the position of the leaf
[C19: from Latin: cushion]


(pʌlˈvaɪ nəs)

n., pl. -ni (-nī).
a cushionlike swelling at the base of a leaf or leaflet, at the point of junction with the stem.
[1855–60; < Latin pulvīnus cushion]
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However, other studies of intact pulvini have shown that a given stimulus produces opposing activity between the two regions, as is expected from the visible bending response.
Their diet is based on leaves and fruits, although other vegetable matter, such as petioles, pulvini, buds, flowers, stems, twigs and bark can also be eaten," said Dr Julio Bicca-Marques of the Primatology Research Group at the PUC/RS Bioscience Faculty in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
The first two of the nine contributions in this collection synthesize recent findings leading to new models explaining how plants sense gravity and organize gravity signal transduction in roots, hypocotyls, shoots, and cereal pulvini.
The text, inscribed on the surface of a table in its second use, lists a variety of furniture and furnishings: lecticubiculares, lecti tricliniares, culcitae, pulvini, subsellia, cathedrae, emitulia, and grabati.