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Noun1.pump house - a house where pumps (e.g. to irrigate) are installed and operatedpump house - a house where pumps (e.g. to irrigate) are installed and operated
house - a building in which something is sheltered or located; "they had a large carriage house"
pump room - a pump house at a spa where medicinal waters are pumped and where patrons gather
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Tenders are invited for Annual maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipments at sheelanagar pump house, Dayalnagar pump house, Sundaraya colony 2mgd pump house, Gangavaram and mgr dam site pump houses for the year 2018-2019.
AN HISTORIC pump house in Liverpool's former docks complex is featured on a list of the top 10 most endangered Victorian buildings.
Official sources told on Sunday that in Dhand Killi of Pindiali Tehsil, 91 meters deep tube well was excavated, two storage tanks, two water points and a pump house was constructed for provision of clean drinking water to tribal people.
In Mulla Khel village 152 meters deep tube well was bored and water storage tank and a pump house has been constructed.
I had heard good things about The Pump House from family and friends and was eager to try it out for myself.
A disused pump house which used to supply water from the Cefni river to a reservoir for Llangefni got a major makeover to convert it into a posh "des res".
Since the facility has occupied the same campus since 1924, coming up with naming the new venture wasn't a problem because the building actually was a working pump house.
They started with a Portland pump house and a "passed-over" site As Western metropolitan areas grow, sites that are easy to build on and close to a city core are growing scarce--and expensive.
Sub-head:- Construction of Pump House, Collection Tank 40000 Liters Capacity, Sector Tank 30000 Litres Capacity, Rcc Weir, Boundary Wall Around the Pump House and Internal Wiring of Pump House).
Tenders are invited for Labour charges for upkeeping and regular maintenance works of common auxiliaries/stage-1/ area viz,cw pump house,bcw pump house,raw water pump house,fuel oil pump house,wet ash pump house,bottom ash,dm plant and its connected equipment during the year 2018-19(i.