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pump 1

1. A machine or device for raising, compressing, or transferring fluids.
2. Physiology A molecular mechanism for the active transport of ions or molecules across a cell membrane.
3. Physics Electromagnetic radiation used to raise atoms or molecules to a higher energy level.
4. Informal The heart.
5. Informal The place where consumers purchase gasoline. Used with the: gas prices rising at the pump.
v. pumped, pump·ing, pumps
1. To cause to flow by means of a pump or pumplike organ or device: Derricks pumped oil out of the ground. The heart pumps blood throughout the body.
2. To draw, deliver, or pour forth: a writer who pumped out a new novel every year.
3. To propel, eject, or insert: pumped new life into the economy.
4. To cause to move with an up-and-down or back-and-forth motion: a bicyclist pumping the pedals; a piston pumping a shaft.
5. To push or pull (a brake or lever, for instance) rapidly: a driver pumping the brakes.
6. To shoot (bullets, for example) at or into: a gunner pumping rounds at a target.
7. Physics To raise (atoms or molecules) to a higher energy level by exposing them to electromagnetic radiation at a resonant frequency.
8. Physiology To transport (ions or molecules) against a concentration gradient by the expenditure of chemically stored energy.
9. To invest (money) repeatedly or persistently in something.
10. To question closely or persistently: pump a witness for secret information.
11. Informal To promote or publicize vigorously: The company pumped its new product on its website.
1. To operate a pump.
2. To move gas or liquid with a pump or a pumplike organ or device.
3. To move up and down or back and forth in a vigorous manner: My legs were pumping as I ran up the stairs.
4. To flow in spurts: Blood was pumping from the wound.
5. Sports To fake a throw, pass, or shot by moving the arm or arms without releasing the ball.
Phrasal Verb:
pump up
1. To inflate with gas by means of a pump: pump up a tire.
2. Slang To fill with enthusiasm, strength, or energy: The lively debate really pumped us up.
3. Sports To be actively involved in a bodybuilding program: athletes pumping up at the gym.
pump iron Sports
To lift weights.

[Middle English pumpe.]

pump′er n.

pump 2

A shoe that has a closed back and is cut low around the toes, usually with heels and no fastenings.

[Origin unknown.]


1. a person who or piece of equipment that pumps
2. informal obsolete an exercise which accelerates the heart rate
3. US an oil well from which to pump oil
4. a fire engine with a motorized pump


[ˈpʌmpəʳ] N (US) → coche m bomba
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There is a large bar with a marble vase, out of which the pumper gets the water; and there are a number of yellow-looking tumblers, out of which the company get it; and it is a most edifying and satisfactory sight to behold the perseverance and gravity with which they swallow it.
As with all Star Series vehicles from Crimson Fire, our new pumper with integrated pump is a custom apparatus tailored to the specific needs of each department," Crump said.
Fire Chief James Wright said the money would be used to re-equip a pumper truck for use by a team held in reserve at fire scenes to quickly respond to emergencies.
I tried to tell Marshall, `Look out,' but he didn't hear,'' said Steven Scott Yost, a concrete pumper at the site, who added that the noise from the running trucks churning materials muffled his voice.
In addition, Hasbro is introducing the FUZZY PUMPER(R) CRAZY CUTS, an updated version of the wildly popular FUZZY PUMPER BARBER & BEAUTY SHOP playset introduced in 1977.
As city officials prepare the fiscal 2009 budget, Chief Therrien is asking councilors to support his proposal to replace an out-of-service ladder truck and a pumper with a combination pumper-ladder truck.
The nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base sent a pumper truck that was big enough to navigate the deep water.
The Town of Stratford is soliciting proposals from vendors to provide a Rescue Style Fire Pumper for the Stratford Fire Department.
Nasdaq: SPAR), today announced a new order for 22 Metro Star(TM) Pumper chassis for the Beijing Fire Department.
EAST BROOKFIELD - The town's new pumper, a 2007 Smeal Spartan with compressed air foam capabilities, arrived in town late last week, but it may be a few days before it's put in service as the department's first-response truck for the majority of fire calls.
It may be almost an entire day before a pumper visits a well and discovers a problem -- equipment failure or environmental issue.
Company 2, with a pumper truck and five or six men were on the scene Saturday from early morning until about 7:30 in the evening, Chief Wilson said.